What are the key differences between shared and dedicated servers?

When you search about shared and dedicated servers, it seems quite an easy decision for small and large-scale business owners. Small owners would go for shared hosting services, while large-scale business would prefer dedicated servers. The problem arises when you are a medium business, and you have to decide between these two traditional options. In this article, we will guide you about the differences between these two options and will let you know which option will suit you most if you are a medium sized entity.

When you are selecting hosting server for your medium sized entity, you have to assume the rate of growth and your pattern of success in past period to ensure that you pick the right hosting option for your business. This analytical procedure will help you determine whether you should invest in hosting serversor should stick to the previous plan. There are some key differences between shared and dedicated servers, and here we have briefly discussed all the key differences between the two. click here to know more about server options and reviews of the best servers available for your website.

Key differences:
Following are the key differences between a shared and a dedicated server.

• Shared hosting will have limited bandwidth and storage, but dedicated servers will provide you with unlimited options.
• Shared hosting servers are bit insecure and as many websites are hosted from the same servers, however dedicated servers are specifically designated to your website only.
• With dedicated servers, users will get more control of their website as it comes with many options, but shared hosting is with limited control.
• The cost of a dedicated server is higher as compared to shared server and you need to analyze the cost benefit analysis before you make the final call.