Types of Gutters

If you are just building your home, you have come to realize how important gutters are. They are one of the systems that keep your home from being damaged with water. This also means taking good care of it and maintaining it properly.

This includes gutter cleaning, roof inspections, and more. However, how you clean and maintain your gutters depends on the type of gutters. There are multiple options in the market, most of which can be classified by shape or material. Check some of them out below;

● K-style Gutters

These are one of the most common types of gutter you will find in most homes. They have flat bottoms and decorative shapes at the front that resemble an ogee. Just like the name suggests, they also look like the letter K when you look from a distance. K-style gutters also come in many different styles and designs, giving you options to your preference and requirement.

● Half-round gutters

Just like the name suggests, half-round gutters look like tubes or pipes that have been cut into two halves. Mostly, you will also find them in older, more traditional homes. However, modern homes are also still using them to fit the designs and styles of different houses.

● Aluminum gutters

Aluminum gutters are also one of the most popularly used types of gutters today. They are lightweight, easy to install, easy to maintain, don’t rust, and cost-effective. This is the perfect choice for you if you are looking for a modern design, quality material, and at an affordable cost.

● Copper

If you have the budget for it, your choice should be copper gutters. They may be pricey but are definitely worth every penny. The material looks beautiful, they don’t need any paint as they develop a patina with time, they are high quality and won’t rust. Most of them, depending on your manufacturer, also come with great warranties.